Od Tatier k Shumanu is a group that organise events for Slovakian expats in Brussels. Those events and meetings help Slovakians in Brussels to keep related to policies of their country. The name comes from a famous song named Od Tatier k Dunaju (that means from Tatras Moutain to Danube river).

For the identity we wanted to find something simple that reflects the gathering of people, the Slovakia and the relation to Brussels. So, the logo is divided in 3 elements. The first one is the horizontal lines that represents (symbolically) the Berlaymont, EU commission building in Shuman place in Brussels. The second element is the diagonal line that represents the Tatras mountains. The shape brings a nice dynamic to the composition and links to the third element, the dots, they are the people, the community gathered together under both the Slovakian and Belgian cultures.
Regarding the colours, we went for something simple and used the Slovakian flag colour scheme.

Overall, it is a very simple logo that is easy to use and very recognisable.
More details on odtatierkschumanu.eu
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